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Ingredients - serves 4 as a starter or light lunch

6 medium sized, mixed coloured beetroot

2 small white onions

2 tbsp oil

500ml raw apple cider vinegar

Large handful blackcurrants

200g soft local goat's cheese

Few sprigs lemon thyme



  • 4 days before you want to make this recipe you need to make the blackcurrant vinegar. Add the blackcurrants to a bottle  of vinegar and shake vigorously 1-2 times a day. After 4 days the berries will have infused and turned the vinegar a deep purple colour. Strain the vinegar into another bottle and reserve the currants to use in this recipe.

  • Light your bbq and wait for the fire to die down. Once you can hold your hand close to the embers for 1-2 seconds before it feels too hot its at the right temperature. Nestle the beetroot amongst the coals and cook for 30minutes, turning over halfway through

  • Meanwhile, place a cast iron pan over the bbq and allow to get smoking hot.  Peel your onions, leaving the root in tact and cut in half lengthways. Add the oil to the pan and place the onions cut side down. Weigh them down by placing another heavy pan on top of them. Once their surfaces have blackened and they have softened, remove from the pan to cool enough to handle. Once cool, peel the halves into their layers.

  • Quarter the beetroot and arrange on plates with the onion, spoon over the blackcurrants, crumble the goat's cheese and sprinkle with thyme. Finish with a drizzle of blackcurrant vinegar. Enjoy the rest in vinaigrettes for summer salads.

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