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100g strong white starter (mix 60g strong white flour, 60g water and 1tbsp strong white starter 12 hours before you make your loaf)

250g water, at hand warm temp (32-37⁰C)

330g strong white flour

6g salt

70g extra virgin rapeseed/olive oil

2 tsp seaweed – I use @seaspoon seaweed boost, available from Ocado and Amazon

Large pinch flaky sea salt


  • In a large bowl combine the starter and water and mix gently. In another bowl, combine the flour and the salt.

  • Add the flour mix to the first bowl and mix using one hand (keep it in a rigid claw shape) until the ingredients are combined. This won’t take long.

  • Pour the oil over the dough and leave to stand for 20mins at room temp

  • After 20 mins, give the dough a fold in the bowl, incorporating some of the oil as you do. Sliding your fingers underneath the dough, pull a section of the dough out to the side and fold it into the middle of the ball of dough. Repeat this, going around the dough until you get back to the beginning (4-5 folds). At this stage you don’t need to worry about incorporating all the oil. Leave the dough to stand for another 20 mins, then repeat process 3 more times.

  • After the 4th fold, leave it to rest for 1hour

  • Turn the dough into a 20cm round cake tin/cast iron pan/rectangle roasting dish lined with parchment paper. Leave to stand at room temp for 2-3hours covered with a damp tea towel, until dough is looking lively and plenty of large bubble are forming. Alternatively, you can prove it overnight in the fridge.

  • Preheat oven to 200⁰C

  • Top focaccia with the seaweed, pressing it into the dough with your fingertips. Sprinkle with Maldon and drizzle with a little more oil

  • Bake until golden, then turn out onto cooling rack to cool and drizzle with more oil while still warm.

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