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Ingredients – serves 6-8

1 tbsp powdered gelatine (9g)

650ml full-fat milk

150g caster sugar

1 lemon, peeled and juiced

30g lemon verbena leaves, plus extra for garnishing

350g full-fat Greek Yoghurt


  • Add 50ml cold water to a small bowl and sprinkle the gelatine over it. Place the bowl in a pan of hot water, stir until the gelatine dissolves, and set aside

  • Place the milk, caster sugar and lemon peel in a pan over a low-med heat and stir until the sugar has dissolved, then increase the heat so that the milk comes to a boil. At this point, take the pan off the heat and immediately stir in the lemon verbena. Cover and let infuse for 5 minutes

  • Add the sponged gelatine to the milk and whisk gently so that it dissolves thoroughly, then set aside, uncovered, to cool

  • If you are planning on turning the puddings out, very lightly grease 8 darioles with sunflower oil (or similar). Otherwise, choose 8 attractive ramekins or glasses.

  • Place the yoghurt in a large bowl and whisk briefly. Once the milk is as cool as hand temperature, strain it through a fine-mesh sieve into the yoghurt, squeezing the verbena and peel to release as much of their flavour as possible. Add the lemon juice and then whisk everything until combined.

  • Divide the mixture between the moulds, place in the fridge to set overnight, or for at least 5 hours.

  • If you have used darioles, to turn the desserts out, one at a time dip the bottom of the darioles into a bowl of hot water briefly, then upend close to its serving plate, giving a shake of encouragement if need be.

  • Serve with fruit compote and biscuits such as shortbread if liked.

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