Sourdough workshops

Sourdough baking is both an art and a science and a workshop is a really great way to get started.

The half-day, morning or afternoon, workshops are for groups of up to 10 people and are interactive and hands on.

They include breakfast or lunch, demonstration and tastings of a range of different bakes, made using a variety of carefully sourced organic heritage flours. Each participant forms an everyday sourdough loaf to take home in a banneton to prove to then bake the following day, as well as a jar of sourdough starter and recipe booklet to take home to continue on their baking journey.


Additional guidance following the workshop is offered via email.

 “Thank you very much for your time and expertise today. It was great fun”

“I thought the sourdough workshop was great. It was really helpful to see for myself how to make the loaf and Hannah was very good at explaining everything.  I was very pleased with my own loaf which looked and tasted amazing!”

 “Thank you very much for your time and expertise today. It was great fun”

Fermentation workshops

People are quickly realising how important gut health is to overall mental and physical wellbeing and making fermented foods to incorporate in your diet is a brilliant way to boost it.

In the fermentation workshops I share my knowledge on gut health, having studied the subject in my final year at university, as well as techniques for making fermented foods that are easy to include into your everyday diet, from kombucha to lacto-fermented vegetables.

“Thank you so much Hannah - a really enjoyable and fascinating day learning all the techniques and tasting all the delicious ferments.. feeling very inspired”

“That was a fantastic workshop. I learnt so much and the lunch was so tasty.”

Preserving workshops

The act of preserving is a wonderful way to embrace gluts of produce during their peak season, and enables us to enjoy ingredients throughout the year when they are no longer available in fresh form.

I gather the best of the season’s produce by sourcing locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs, and foraging in nature’s pantry, to demonstrate how to create uniquely flavoured jams, cordials, chutneys, pickles, liqueurs and more. In doing this, participants gain an understanding of some principal methods of preserving - the importance of salt, sugar, vinegar and alcohol and their transformative effects on raw ingredients.

Get in touch if you would like to me to hold a workshop at your house/venue/with a group of friends – it can be arranged!




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