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River coffee flow blend | 250g | Beans/ground

**To be ordered in addition to an afternoon tea box**

Continue to enjoy our much loved H&W house coffee, The Flow Blend, by River Coffee.


Flow combines coffee from Brazil and Peru delivering balance, body and comforting flavour notes of chocolate, hazelnut and butterscotch. Flow works amazingly well when combined with milk. We recommend Flow for espresso but we have also found it works well in French Press (Cafetiere) and Aeropress brewing methods.


The Components

Flow has been carefully sourced and roasted to produce big body and sweetness in the cup. 40% stems from a community in the Chanchamayo valley of Peru. 60% of this blend is from Cerrado Mineiro in Brazil from the well known estate ‘Sao Luiz’. The combination of these coffees results in great quality and flavour characteristics.


Please select whether you would like beans or ground coffee before adding to your basket.

River coffee flow blend | 250g | Beans/ground

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